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Taxatiebureau Staetelande
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Recognized Appraiser The Hague

For all your NWWI home appraisals in the The Hague region. Reguest your quote here or call us:
Phone 070 568.0909

Your appraiser for the The Hague region

Accredited Appraiser The Hague is ready for you with a valuation in the The Hague region. Our appraisers have a lot of knowledge of the real estate market and are always aware of the latest developments, so that we can make a correct valuation of your property. In addition, they have the required knowledge and certification. In this way you are assured of a reliable and carefully prepared appraisal report.

Why Approved Appraiser The Hague
• Ready within a few days;
• Independent and expert;
• Direct contact with your appraiser;
• Accepted by all NL banks;

NWWI Validated valuation report

Are you going to apply for a mortgage? Then lenders require a validated valuation report. This means that an external validation institution checks whether the appraiser and the appraisal report meet all quality requirements. After validation, the report is accepted by all Dutch lenders. You can also apply for a mortgage with a National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG).

Building inspections

Certainly when buying or selling. Because it is precisely then that all parties want to be sure about the value, quality, state of maintenance and other important features that are decisive.
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